The Funniest Pet Bath Time Videos

October 15, 2018

If there’s one thing our pets don’t like, it’s getting a bath. Pets hate baths more than toddlers do. How strange that the dirtier the being, the more they hate baths. It’s strange that anyone hates baths since they’re so relaxing. Either way, our pets might not like taking baths, but we sure love watching videos of them hating their bath. Check out the funniest pet bath time videos! 

The first funniest pet bath time video stars a cat who wants to be anywhere but inside a bathtub. Everyone knows that cats hate water. Which is probably why they’re so diligent about cleaning themselves. They’re just trying to avoid getting a bath. But every once in a while, something goes wrong and they really do need cleaning. My cat once clearly rolled in a dead carcass while outside so it was bath time if he wanted to sleep in our house again. And his response to running water was about the same as the cat in this video. 

Have you ever seen a cat leap out of a bathtub faster than this one?


The next funniest pet bath time video features a dog who’s learned the english word for “bath.” Now, most dogs know they’re about to receive a bath if you drag them into the bathroom. Fair enough. But some particularly smart canines have learned the word for bath. Which means, just like in this video, when their owner mutters the word, they know what’s coming. Wanna take a wild guess how this dog feels about getting baths? I’ll give you a hint…

Once this dog hears the word bath, he starts trembling all over.

Let’s go back to cats in our third funniest pet bath time video. Cats really make it well known that they don’t like being anywhere near water. And if they’re not jumping for their lives out of the bathtub like it’s filled with lava, then they’re vocalizing their discontent with a series of meows unlike you’ve ever heard. Just listen to the cat in this next video. Listen to him howl like he’s a wolf searching for his missing family! His owners are giving him a bath under the kitchen sink as gently as possible. But that doesn’t matter. 

I’ve never heard a cat sound more miserable than this one during bath time!

Our final funniest pet bath time video doesn’t feature a pet experiencing the misery of a bath. This one features an owner who’s taking a bath. And right nearby are her two trusty dogs. We can’t see them at first. All we can see is the POV of someone lounging in the tub. Then, suddenly she calls for her one dog. And he pops his head right past the shower curtain. Then, she calls the next dog and he does the same. It’s so adorable seeing that they were basically waiting right under the tub for her.

Only a dog could get away with watching their owner take a bath without being slapped across the face!

There you have it. Stay clean out there, pets!

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