The Funniest Pet Costumes For Halloween

October 25, 2018

If you’re a dog owner, then you know that getting your pooch to wear a funny costume can be challenging.  They look so cute when they’re dressed up though!  Here are the funniest pet costumes for Halloween that you can use for inspiration this year!

Think Twice Before Dressing Your Pup Up Like Dessert!

This is one of the most adorable videos I have ever seen!  Nala, the funny brown pooch, has a major sweet tooth!  Her beagle friend is dressed up like a delicious banana split and Nala can’t resist her.  She tries to eat the sweet little dog’s banana split costume like it’s actually the real dessert.  She drags the innocent beagle through the kitchen and down the stairs in an attempt to have the dessert all to herself.  Her funny owners are yelling at her to stop but they’re also laughing hysterically at the same time.  I bet their owners will think twice before dressing up their dogs like food again!


Funny Dachshund In Hot Dog Costume Is Far From Spooky

First of all, what other costume could you possibly dress up your dachshund in?  This funny little fella loves wearing his hot dog costume and showing it off for his owner behind the camera.  His owner is so excited that she starts singing a Halloween song to him as he howls along.  This sweet little dog definitely won’t be scaring any of the kids in the neighborhood this year.

Beware Of The Killer Catzilla!

I’m sure you’ve heard of Godzilla, but have you ever heard of Catzilla?!  This funny cat is dressed up in a Godzilla costume and is scaring the crap out of his brother cat.  Catzilla stands still in the dining room staring at his terrified sibling cat who has no idea what to do.  The scaredy cat starts to back up slowly, too terrified to approach Catzilla.   This poor little furball has no idea why this monster is in his house starring him down in the dining room.  Then, just when you think Catzilla is going to strike, he topples over in his giant costume and can’t get up.  I can’t believe his owners caught this funny moment on camera!

Adorable Baby And Dog Dressed Up As Dinosaur Duo

If you didn’t know they made matching baby and dog costumes, now you know!  This funny dog and sweet baby are wearing matching dinosaur costumes and couldn’t be cuter.  The baby, who can barely see out of his dinosaur costume is being dragged around by the dog as he pulls him by the tail.  The funny baby tries to crawl away, but he’s no match for the playful dog.  It looks like this baby and dog are best buddies!

This Western Chihuahua Is A True Cowgirl!

You won’t believe how funny this video is!  This calm chihuahua is chillin’ on the back of a horse wearing a funny cowgirl Halloween costume.  She happily cruises around on the horses back like a true western canine.  The horse doesn’t seem to have a tiny cowgirl on his back either!

Do you have a funny video of your pet dressed up for Halloween?  Share with us by uploading HERE

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