The Four Funniest Post Wisdom Teeth Surgery Videos Ever

October 3, 2018

If there’s one thing we can all still agree on, it’s that videos of people after getting their wisdom teeth removed are the funniest. In case you’ve never seen one, they’re truly the funniest videos on the internet. These poor souls are still doped out of their mind and (thankfully) getting a ride home with a loved one who (thankfully) is also recording all of the ridiculous things they’re saying. In case you’re in the mood to watch grown adults ramble and talk absolute gibberish for a few minutes (and who the heck isn’t!?), check out the four funniest post wisdom teeth surgery videos ever!

Man, I love this first post wisdom teeth surgery video. It’s so funny because things start off with the patient outside calling after her mom in a voice that could only be described as sheep-like. She’s almost ‘bahhing’ at her mom. Then, when she’s assisted into the car, she starts to freak out because she’s convinced one of the nurses at the dental office was Hillary Clinton! Obviously, I don’t have to explain to you that none of the nurses in the video look anything like Hillary.

But convincing someone Hillary Clinton wasn’t their dentist is impossible when they’re still coming down off a heavy dosage of laughing gas!


This next one is so funny because this teenager is so preoccupied with filling her spaceship with gas that she’s sobbing inconsolably. Maybe the funniest part about this video is that a teenager, who rarely cares about responsibility, would be administered a drug during a dental procedure and…

suddenly only care about making sure they don’t run out of gas so they can fly their space ship to the moon!

Check out these twins who both had their wisdom teeth removed on the same day. These two have an interesting dynamic. The sister is convinced she’s dying because she can’t feel her face and she’s crying. Her parents are trying to calm her down when finally her brother, whose eyes have been closed this entire time, turns to her and starts shouting “man up, soldier!” 

Though, big surprise here, her equally inebriated brother shouting at her to “man up” didn’t seem to calm her down at all.

Finally, this might be the funniest post wisdom tooth extraction video ever mostly in its simplicity. Check out this girl who can’t feel her tongue. And in her stupor, she’s convinced it’s gone. Thank the heavens for her friend (dad?) who’s able to show her in the mirror that her tongue still exists. At which point the emotions overwhelm her and she starts crying from relief that she still has a tongue.

There’s just nothing funnier than watching a grown adult cry from relief that their tongue is still in their mouth.

There you have it! Thankfully, every year thousands of youth have their wisdom teeth extracted. So keep those cameras handy America and make sure not to miss the fleeting moments when they’re still doped out of their minds!

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