The Three Funniest Roomba Videos

October 16, 2018

The Roomba has really taken the world by storm, hasn’t it? In the off chance you don’t know what the Roomba is, it’s a vacuum cleaner that cleans the floor on its own. All you have to do is turn it on and let it go! But perhaps the best part of Roomba isn’t that it cleans on its own. The best part is all the hilarious videos people have sent to AFV starring Roomba. So do yourself a favor. Go switch the Roomba to on and sit back and enjoy the three funniest Roomba videos!

The first funniest Roomba video features a baby who’s decided to take the Roomba for a ride. Lots of (usually small) people believe that Roomba’s double as a fantastic mode of transportation. This baby’s sitting in his little chair perched on top of the Roomba. He looks like a teenager about to get on a roller coaster. You can tell there’s just a certain level of delight on his face. Who knows, maybe he’s been on this ride before. And then the Roomba starts moving and he’s off! It’s zipping and darting all over the kitchen. The dog is a little put off by the whole experience, not knowing if he should be worried. But the rest of the family is having the best time just watching this little guy enjoy his Roomba train ride!

Check out this kid riding a Roomba like a roller coaster!


This next funniest Roomba video might as well be a commercial for the product. Check out how talented the Roomba is. A dog has fallen asleep in its path. But that won’t deter the Roomba from ensuring that the entire house is spotless by the time it’s done. So what does this Roomba do? It basically traces the entire outline of the sleeping dog. The Roomba sweeps up every spot that the dog isn’t sleeping on. Though something tells me when the dog finally gets up from his nap, there will be a dog-sleeping-sized spot of filth on the kitchen floor. I’m guessing the dog won’t notice.

Check out the Roomba work its magic all around this sleeping dog!

The final funniest Roomba video is probably my favorite. They say curiosity killed the cat. Fortunately for everyone, that’s not the case in this video. But curiosity did give this cat quite a jolt of anxiety. Here’s a cat sitting near a Roomba that’s about to start working its magic. The cat has no idea he’s in the path of this robot vacuum cleaner. He’s calmly and proudly sitting right next to the Roomba minding his own business. For a few beats, nothing happens. Even the owner tries to warn her beloved cat but it does no good. Then, finally the Roomba jolts into action and gives this cat the surprise of his life. Seriously, this cat jumps about three feet into the air and darts away at lightning speed.

Something tells me this cat won’t be lounging near the Roomba ever again!

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