The Funniest Singing Fail Videos

October 24, 2018

The overwhelming majority of us love to sing. But that doesn’t mean others love to hear us sing. You might’ve convinced yourself your partner’s shower singing is actually pretty good. But let’s be fair, that’s probably a delusion. Just go to any karaoke night and you’ll see how bad singing can be. But bad singing, while offensive to the ears, can also be really hilarious. So we went back through the AFV archives to find some of the funniest bad singer videos. So sit back and enjoy the funniest singing fail videos!

The first funniest singing fail video features a backseat full of young girls. If there’s one demographic of people who take singing the most seriously, it’s little girls. Whether they want to be the next Britney Spears or Sarah Brightman, it’s best to just let them have their moment. But these two sisters probably aren’t having their best singing moment. We’ll definitely give these girls this much: they’re trying! They’ve got their headphones on and there’s a song playing that they’d love to rock out to. Problem is, they’re way, way out of tune! And rather than singing, it appears that they’re just kind of muttering along with the music. Is it pretty? I don’t know if I’d use that word. Did the glass windows break? No. Does it matter? Not when you’re this adorable. But maybe in twenty years it’s a different story!

If I were these girls, I wouldn’t use this as an audition tape for The Voice!


This next funniest singing fail video features a dog instead of a human. After all, not just humans are bad singers. Here’s a guy with two very “talented” dogs. These two dogs have somehow learned the word “piano.” And whenever their owner says it, they run to the piano, start playing it with their paws and howling along. Needless to say, these dogs are no Elton John. Trust me, this isn’t the kind of melody you’d want to put on your mp3 player. But it remains pretty darn impressive that this guy has trained his dogs to sing on cue. Even if the singing makes you want to leave the room.

Watch these dogs do their best Elton John impression!

The final funniest singing fail video features a trio of sisters. Someone, probably a parent, has convinced them to sing happy birthday for the camera. Presumably there wasn’t much rehearsal for this recording. Once they start singing, you can tell instantly the youngest sister is simply not having it. Maybe she’s a purist and thinks she has the best voice of all. Maybe she would rather be the center of attention in a video like this. But either way, she quickly makes it clear she isn’t going to participate in the video. How does she accomplish this? Oh, simply by shaking her head and covering her face with her hand. 

Watch this young girl pull a full diva on her sisters and refuse to sing along with their lackluster performance!

There you have it! Don’t let this post keep you from singing loud and proud!

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