The Funniest Slow Motion Videos

October 29, 2018

There’s nothing better than watching someone wipeout on video tape. Except maybe watching them wipeout in slow motion! Slow motion has been around for years and it really helps accentuate the funniest part of the video. It slows down the emotion and the drama of a ten second clip and let’s you drink in the entire experience. You’ve surely seen slow motion videos before, but have you seen them as good as these next videos? We scoured the AFV archives to find the best videos that are perfectly accentuated by slow motion technology. So sit back and enjoy the funniest slow motion videos!

The first funniest slow motion video features an animal stumbling and tumbling. Who knew that even hamster’s fall off their wheels from time to time? I just assumed that animals can run and jump better than any human. We’re kinda clunky clods when compared to the rest of the animal kingdom. And yet this video is proof that even hamster’s trip up and tumble off their running wheel from time to time. Check out this video. Here’s a hamster that’s taking a jog in his cage when he gets all messed up and takes a spill. Thank the heavens it’s been slowed down for your viewing pleasure!

You ever seen a hamster tumble off his wheel in slow motion?


This next funniest slow motion video features an epic battle of sorts. Someone is trying to vacuum their living room. But, as any dog owner will tell you, dogs absolutely hate vacuum cleaners. There’s something about the noise they make? But the two are basically mortal enemies. My dog is so afraid of the vacuum cleaner, he runs into the basement whenever I take it out. Sometimes he even pees himself in the process (jokes on him, that means more vacuuming). But other dogs, like the one in this video, become more brave and gallant and try to fight off the vacuum cleaner. That’s where this video starts. The owner isn’t making much progress on cleaning the house because the dog is trying his hardest to fight and destroy the vacuum cleaner. Which is the perfect excuse to use slow motion! Just watch this dog fight the vacuum cleaner like his life depends on it. Watch the look on his face every time he tries to get close enough to bite the nozzle hose. I’ve never seen a dog more intent on a fight for his life!

There’s no better use for slow motion technology than watching a dog fight the vacuum cleaner to the death.

The final funniest slow motion video features a watermelon exploding. The couple in this video are playing the rubber band game. You stretch a rubber band around the center of a watermelon, one after the next, until the rind finally gives way in a delicious explosion of pulp and juice. That’s right when the slo mo kicks in.

Just watch the look on their faces as the watermelon explodes and throws pulp and seeds everywhere!

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