The Funniest Videos Of Dogs Eating People Food

October 8, 2018

If there’s one thing my dog loves, it’s people food. And rest assured, he gets plenty of it. We give him hamburger, cheese, lamb, rice, etc. Basically anything that’s left over from the table that I’m not in the mood to take to work the next day for lunch. Our dog devours each and every bite, taking no time to savor. Just down the hatch! So in that spirit, let’s check out some videos of dogs doing what they do best: eating our food. These are the funniest videos of dogs eating people food!

The first video of a dog eating people food is pretty much a classic. When you think about a dog eating people food, usually you imagine them going hog wild for the standards: meat (bacon!) and processed foods. Basically anything a middle schooler would eat is a dog’s dream dinner. Fruits and vegetables don’t normally pop into your mind as ideal dog foods. Yet this video proves otherwise. Here’s a video of an owner who’s got a nice ear of corn for their dog. It’s presumably lathered up with butter and once the dog is ready, he starts to chow down!

Have you ever seen a dog eating an ear of corn? It doesn’t get much cuter than this!


This next video of a dog eating people food is a little closer to what I’m used to. Here’s a dog who’s hoarded a whole load of tater tots. That’s right! He’s got a mound resting between his two paws and there’s no chance you’re getting near that mound until you wanna lose a finger. Again, he basically looks like me when I was in middle school. One slice of cheese pizza and as many taters tots that could fit on my plate and I’m not sharing! But it doesn’t surprise me that this dog was so into tater tots. They’re delicious and so salty. At the end of the day, all a dog wants is a way to consume as much salt as possible.

Also check out how this dog takes his time eating those tater tots!

This final video might be the biggest curveball of all. You’ve already seen a video of a dog eating corn on the cob. But the assumption was that the corn was lathered in butter, which is perfect for a dog. This next video features a dog eating people food — the healthy kind! It’s hard enough to get my kids to eat vegetables. Full disclosure: even sometimes I don’t like eating them. So I have no idea how this family convinced their family dog to eat a boatload of vegetables. But somehow they managed. Also the fun of this video is that the dog’s sitting at the table as if he’s a human being with his head through a sweater. 

How often do you see a dog, wearing a sweater, sitting at a table eating vegetables?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned. The next time you’re thinking about giving your dog some junk food, think again and reach for the broccoli! 

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