The Funniest Videos Of Dogs That Got Stuck

October 5, 2018

Dogs are a curious bunch, aren’t they? But curiosity isn’t always the best thing when combined with average intelligence! All I’m saying is, sometimes dogs don’t realize the trouble they’ve gotten themselves into. At least, until they’re too deep in it. On the flip side, it makes for some pretty funny videos! So if you’re a dog person, and even if you’re not. Check out the funniest videos of dogs that got stuck.

This first video features a dog that got stuck in the most common of places for a dog. Have you ever left your dog to run an errand, or go to work? And the last thing you do is look at their face before leaving the house and you can just something seems mischievous? You can just tell by the time you get back, something will be chewed up. He can’t wait for you to leave so he can eat up the new couch. Then, when you return home one or nine hours later, you find the entire place in a state of disrepair. It appears that he’s spent every second since you left chewing furniture, electronics, etc. That’s why this video is so funny to me. This dog did exactly that. But he managed to get himself stuck in the process.

Sure, he might’ve just ruined your couch. But how could you stay mad at a dog that’s still stuck in a couch cushion? 


This next dog that got stuck is pretty hilarious. Here’s a dog who chewed a hole through his owner’s comforter and popped his head through. The comforter now basically looks like a slice of swiss cheese. The funniest part is that the dog doesn’t really realize he’s stuck yet. But when one of the owner offers him a treat, this dog tries to get up and run for it. But he’s not going anywhere. It’s so funny watching a dog try to run for a treat and not realize that he’s still trapped underneath a heavy comforter that’s weighing him down. 

I wonder how long it took this owner to help her dog out of the comforter he just destroyed!?

Finally, this last dog is stuck in a very unique place. Somehow or another, this little dog has gotten his head lassoed in a bra. Who knows how it happened in the first place. Someone hung the bra there and he must’ve walked by and his head got tangled without even noticing. Now he has no idea why he’s stuck. All he knows is that he can’t go anywhere at the present time. His owners keep teasing him by seeing if he’ll go fetch a ball. And this dog gives it the good old fashioned college try. But he’s not going anywhere because he’s stuck in a bra.

Who would’ve believed a dog could become so helplessly entangled in a bra!?

Let this post be a public service announcement to keep an eye on your dogs, folks! You never know what trouble they’re gonna get themselves into!

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