The Funniest Videos Of Dogs Versus Cats You Won’t Believe

October 1, 2018

Ah, the timeless feud of dog versus cat.  It never gets old…and is always fun to watch!  If you’re ready to laugh hard, here are the funniest videos of dogs versus cats you won’t believe!

Innocent Play Time Goes Too Far!

Ahhh, this fluffy little pup and playful cat seem to be getting along wonderfully in the driveway as they gently paw and lick each other.  You would think this funny duo would be best friends!  Or, are they actually frenemies?  Everything seems harmonious in the beginning, then, out of nowhere, the cat sideswipes the tiny furball with his paw and trips him.  The tiny dog tumbles to the ground and runs away yelping and crying out loud.  Poor little guy!  I guess this cat wasn’t too keen on his canine buddy crawling all over him after all.


Clingy Kitty Won’t Let Go Of Dog’s Leg

Kittens are so funny and can entertain you for hours with their cute, playful moves.  This sweet kitten performs acrobat tricks on this dog’s leg and refuses to let go.  She clings to his leg and curls her tiny body around it just like a circus performer.  At first, it seems like the funny dog is annoyed by the kitten’s playful tricks.  He tries to nudge her away at first.  But after a while, it almost seems like he likes this little kitten and wants to play with her too!  I see a real friendship in their future!

Surprise Attack By Patient Siamese Cat

WHOA, I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of enemy lines with this sneaky Siamese cat!  The sweet dog and calculating cat sit quietly next to each other and neither seems to be paying attention to the other.  The funny dog is just chillin’ minding his own business and has no clue what’s about to ensue.  The cat has other plans though.  As the dog relaxes and looks around the living room, the focused cat is ready and waiting for the perfect time to deliver the surprise blow.  Out of nowhere, the cat swipes its paw across the dogs face hard and implements a full-on ambush!  The seemingly mellow dog doesn’t waste a second and retaliates by pouncing on the cat and returning the attack.  Wow, I’ll say these two aren’t exactly best buddies!

Funny Dog Takes Back Bed From Snoozy Cat

If you’re a dog owner, then you know that you don’t mess with your dog’s bed!  Their bed is their territory and also their secret hiding place for many items you probably don’t even know that they have (treats, socks, etc.)  If I’m ever missing a sock, I know exactly where to look for it.  

This funny cat is curled up and snoozing on this dog’s bed and he is not having it.  He takes matters into his own paws and drags the bed around, finally turning it upside down to dump the cat off!

Classic War Of Dog Versus Cat Through The Window

All I can say is that it’s a good thing there’s a window in between this dog and cat duo as they duke it out!

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