The Funniest Videos Of Future Pop Stars That Will Blow You Away

October 12, 2018

Very few people in the world are born with the ability to sing.  Finding a natural born star can be tough, but they’re out there and we’ve got their videos.  The funniest videos of future pop stars that will blow you away are right here!

Watch Out, Taylor Swift!  This Girl Can Write A Breakup Song!

There’s no worse pain in the universe than being broken up with.  Whether you’re a teen or an adult, going through a breakup can feel like your world is collapsing all around you.  No singer knows it better than Taylor Swift…or so we thought!  This funny little girl isn’t shy and unleashes her anger as she performs her breakup song for her mom.  Poor thing, she must have had her heart shattered by an evil 2nd grader!  I get it sister…men are the worst.  This funny little girl not only has a great singing voice, but she’s got passion and knows how to write a song.  I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing her on YouTube very soon!


Funny Girl Does Kitchen Performance To “Focus” By Ariana Grande  

Being a world-famous pop star takes more than just killer pipes.  You have to be able to move, dance, and perform like a pro too!  Pop stars train hard in dance and acting classes to be able to entertain crowds of hundreds of thousands when they’re on stage.  This funny little girl pours her heart and soul into the song “Focus” by Ariana Grande as she performs in the kitchen for the camera.  After a couple mishaps with props, she finds her groove and hits the high notes perfectly while nailing her dance moves.  This funny girl has got star quality for sure!

Funny Tot Composes Taco Bell Love Song

Who doesn’t love Taco Bell??!  This adorable little girl performs her favorite Taco Bell song for her dad behind the camera.  Kids are so creative!  Ready to go with her mic in hand, she doesn’t know what song to sing for her dad.  He tells her just to sing her favorite song.  After thinking about it for a second, she instantly realizes what her favorite song is – Taco Bell!  This funny girl could seriously write the jingle for Taco Bell commercials!

Musical Little Boy Serenades His Mom With A Love Song

This funny boy’s mom must be the happiest woman in the world!  As he strums his guitar like John Mayer, he serenades his mom with a song about how much he loves her.  Watch out for this future ladies man!  He’s a heartbreaker already and he’s only a toddler!  What a sweet little boy with so much musical talent. 

The Funniest Potty Song You’ve Ever Heard!

When in doubt, sing about what you know, right?  This funny little girl clearly loves playing the guitar and doesn’t care what she’s singing about as long as she gets to strum away.  Swaying back and forth as she performs for the camera, she sings a hysterical song about pee and poop.  Kids are so funny!

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