These Pugs Are Cooler Than Your Dog

November 29, 2018

If you love pugs, then this video will make your day!  Just when you think dogs can’t get any more awesome, you see a pug driving a Power Wheels.  LOL!  This is why these pugs are cooler than your dog!

This pug was lonely until he made a new friend – with the Roomba robot vacuum!  

When you’re the perfect size to jump on the back of a Roomba and go for a ride, why not, right?!  The Roomba cleans your house AND entertains your pug at the same time.  Sounds like a dream come true for any dog owner!

Check out the adorable pugs in the video who love swimming in the pool!  Not only do they love swimming, but they love playing with inflatable blow up toys.  Is it a kid or a dog in the pool?  LOL!  It’s hard to tell with these big, hyper pugs splashing around.

Check out these gangsta pugs behind the wheel cruising through the neighborhood!

Dang!  From Power Wheels to toy cars, these pugs look ridiculously cool cruising through the neighborhood.  With his toddler brother riding shotgun, this awesome pug steers the Power Wheels around the yard like a gangsta.  The car looks like it was made for him!

Check out this pug who doesn’t even need a Power Wheels to cruise around solo in the yard.  With his tongue hanging out of his mouth, he’s behind the wheel of a toddler’s toy car.  Chillin’ like a villain, he’s rolling through the yard solo like a boss!  

The ultimate spa pugs are right here!  They may not look like dainty dogs, but wrap their ears in a towel and throw on an eye mask, and you’ve got some sassy pugs.  You will laugh when you see these spoiled pugs enjoying a spa day!

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