The Funniest Videos You’ll Watch This Week Period

November 1, 2018

A lot of the videos here at AFV are hilarious. But some of them really take laughter and comedy to the next level. Some are intentional, comedians honing their craft for our millions of readers. Others are accidental. Nevertheless, we thought we’d show off some of our absolute favorite funniest videos. There is no way you’ll watch these three videos without cracking a smile and busting a gut. These are the funniest videos you’ll watch this week period!

The first funniest video you’ll watch this week period features a little boy standing near a pane of glass. His mother is recording him from the other side of the glass. Now, as we all know, sometimes little kids don’t have the best coordination. And, almost like a bird soaring through the air, it’s like this kid doesn’t even see the glass. Because after a few moments, his face is basically smooshed against the glass. In all fairness to this little guy, glass is very confusing to someone his age. It’s see-through, so it’s hard to imagine something is there. But when you try to put your head through it, you get rejected just like in this video. 

Check out this little boy smoosh his face while figuring out how glass works!


The next funniest video you’ll see this week period is very intentional. Here’s a hilarious college aged girl who’s decided to give a tutorial for how to apply makeup. Putting on makeup can be a complicated and challenging process. However, be forewarned, she’s not being serious. In fact, this is one of our favorite parody videos. In  case that doesn’t make sense, check out the part where she tries to apply foundation to her face using a paint roller. At one point, while squirting pump after pump of foundation on her hand, she reminds the viewing audience, “Use lots of foundation. Don’t worry, it’s not expensive.” For anyone who’s ever grown tired of the tedium of applying makeup. Or even anyone who’s bought a tiny jar of [enter makeup product here] for fifteen times more money than you thought it was worth, this video is for you!

This comedian gives the funniest makeup tutorial you’ll ever see!

Finally, what’s a list of the funniest videos you’ll watch this week period without a little modest nudity? This video features a husband who’s locked himself out of the house in just his underwear. I have no idea how you manage to do that, maybe his wife secretly shut the door on him when he stepped out for a minute. Either way, she’s making the most of this situation. She’s inside with camera in hand refusing to open the door. He’s outside whispering and pleading with her to open the door because he’s in his underwear and doesn’t want the neighbors to see. She takes this opportunity to come around the side of the house to get a full glimpse of his current state of undress. 

Try to watch this guy, locked outside his side and clad only in underwear, without laughing!

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