The Funniest Weird Animal Friendships

October 23, 2018

We’ve all seen videos of dogs playing with other dogs. But have you ever seen a cat play with a fish? Mother Nature throws us a curveball every once in a while to prove that all sorts of animals can become the best of friends. It’s interesting to see what disparate animals can become the closest of friends. So sit back and enjoy the funniest weird animal friendships.

This first funniest weird animal friendship video features a cat that’s trying to make friends with an unusual group. When the video opens, you’ll think this cat is just trying to fish. He’s dipping his adorable paw into the water where a school of fish are swimming. But here’s the strange part: he doesn’t seem particularly interested in eating them. Or even roping one with his claw. He’s almost dipping his paw into the water in a tender, gentle fashion. It’s like he’s trying to high-five the fish! And weirdly enough, the fish don’t seem that bothered by it! Have you ever tried to catch a fish with your bare hands? It’s impossible, they have killer reflexes when in danger. Yet somehow they know this cat isn’t out to eat them!

Check out this cat try to high-five some fish!


The next weird animal friendship video features a chicken and a deer. Okay, maybe these two aren’t the best of friends. They don’t interact too intimately in this video. But we do get to see a deer who is completely at ease with a chicken pecking all around him. Who knows, maybe they have some kind of symbiotic relationship worked out. The chicken pecks ticks off the deer, and the deer doesn’t try to stomp the chicken with his hooves. Works for me!

It’s weird to see a deer and chicken who are so at ease with each other!

This next funniest weird animal friendship video also features a chicken. But this time the chicken is around a dog who is unnecessarily afraid of the chicken. We all know that dogs can be pretty cowardly at times. There are innumerable videos on AFV of dogs that are afraid of figurines, tinier dogs, the list goes on. My dog growing up was afraid of pizza for Pete sake. So it should come as no surprise that this much bigger dog is somehow afraid of the much smaller chicken.

But there’s just something so hilarious about watching a chicken boss around a dog that’s literally eight times his size!

The final funniest weird animal friendship is easily the sweetest example we could find. Have you ever seen a cat and a dog that seem madly in love? Probably not. We’re used to seeing them fight like crazy. But somehow these two have managed to become the best of friends. Seriously, watch this dog’s reaction to having the cat lick his face all over! He’s completely at ease. Sure, he gets a little grumpy once or twice…

But this cat and dog are literally the best of friends!

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