Professional Figure Skater Topples Entire Set In Crazy Epic Fail

February 21, 2019

Let’s be honest. Watching professional figure skaters is amazing because of their breathtaking moves. But half the fun is watching their devastating fails. And you usually don’t have to wait too long for something like that to happen. That’s how you can tell that skating is so incredibly difficult. Even when watching the best skaters in the entire world at the Olympics, they still fall all the time! So we tip our hat to these amazing athletes. With that said, we still can’t help but be mesmerized when they fall on their butts! And this video might be one of the best figure skating fails I’ve ever seen. Check out when a professional figure skater topples an entire set in this crazy epic fail!

Uh, I guess the show must go on… but how?

The video starts on a figure skater making her way around an ice rink. However, this isn’t the standard competition that you’re used to seeing during the Olympics. It’s clearly one of those traveling ‘Disney on Ice’ style presentations. She’s wearing a beautiful costume and the ice rink is lined with a painted plywood set. As she effortlessly makes her way across the ice, it’s quite a beautiful scene! But of course, that serenity won’t last long. This is AFV after all, beautiful scenes are for other sites. We’re all about stumbles and fails!

Did you hear the gasps from the crowd?

Before long, she kinda loses track of where she is on the ice. Even the viewer can tell she’s getting a little dangerously close to the set behind her. We can see her shadow from the bright lights is no longer on the ice, but on the set behind her. Problem is, her back is to the set so she’s pretty much the only one in the arena who doesn’t know how close she is to disaster! Before long, she skates directly into the set behind her, toppling several of the boards. She falls as well and the crowd stirs in their seats. But don’t worry, the show must go on even if you just fell in front of two thousand people! She quickly gets back to her feet and some assistants rush to put the set back in working order. The music doesn’t even stop. You can tell she’s a pro! Sure, she might have a couple bruises tomorrow, but figure skaters have a very high threshold for stuff like that. You have to when your job is to jump around on ice.

It’s okay. You can laugh. She can’t hear you!

Needless to say, no one was hurt in the incident. Although I can’t help but wonder how often that happens. Figure skating is pretty difficult, I’m sure every performance features at least one fall. But usually, it’s not timed perfectly to topple the entire set behind you. I bet after taking this tumble, our heroic figure skater got up and thought to herself… this job would be a lot easier without the skates!

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