The Sportiest Sledding Dogs Of The Season Are Right Here

December 26, 2018

Humans aren’t the only ones who love sledding down snowy hills in the winter!  These dogs are killing it on the slopes this year.  They will totally blow your mind!  The sportiest sledding dogs of the season are right here and you will be amazed!

Sporty Schnauzer navigates his sled like a pro down the icy hill!

This dog looks like he was made for this!  Check out this sporty Schnauzer who shreds hard down the hill on his little sled.  He’s got the gear, the sled, and he’s got the look.  WOW!


Adorable chubby dog totally shreds down the hill after a nervous start on his sled.  LOL!

All this dog needed was a little pep talk from his owner to convince him to take the plunge and jump on the sled!  Watch this chubby little furball go for the ride of this life down the snowy path.  So cute!

Lincoln the dog hitches a ride with a little boy on his sled and cruises down the hill tandem style!

Nothing like getting a surprise passenger when you’re halfway down the hill on your sled!  LOL!  Lincoln the dog fit perfectly with this little toddler on his sled.  What a team!  They race to the finish line together and land right in front of mom with the camera.  That run could have been a total disaster, but it ended up being an amazing win.  I bet his mom is thrilled that she caught that special moment on video!

No snow?  No problem!  This crafty teen tows her pup on a sled with a four-wheeler across the lawn.  LOL!

Sledding is so much fun that it shouldn’t only be done in winter, right?  Well this clever teen has found a way to take her dog sledding all year long.  Watch how she tows him all around the front yard on his sled and you will laugh so  hard!

Dog thinks sledding woman is a toy and tackles her on her way down the hill!

Can you blame him?  It’s just like playing fetch!  LOL!

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