These Are The Funniest Baby Videos Of The Week

October 10, 2018

If there’s one thing most young parents learn pretty quickly, it’s that babies are hilarious. The funny looks on their faces. The way they eat. Everything they do is adorable and funny. But once they start talking, they really take things to the next level. They might as well be comedians half the time. So let’s take a moment to enjoy kids doing what they do best, making us laugh! These are the funniest baby videos of the week!

This first funny baby video of the week features a young kid with a unique talent. This mom is able to get her baby to do an “evil” laugh. There’s something kinda sinister about seeing someone so young and innocent sound like a movie villain. Now, the kid is able to “evil laugh” pretty well for someone so young. Don’t get me wrong, he’s no Meryl Streep. But his real talent shines in the look the comes over his face…

Check out the look of pure evil this baby makes while doing the “evil” laugh!


This next funny baby video of the week might be my favorite! This kid has a problem. His mom, who narrates the video, says she turned her back for literally three seconds. When she turns back around, her son has his foot stuck in the vaseline container. How did he manage to do that in such a short period of time? How do all kids manage to get into such deep trouble the moment we stop watching them? What would happen if we weren’t always hovering over them!?

I wonder how long it took this mom to clean up after her kid get his foot stuck in the vaseline container?!

This next funny baby video of the week is so funny. This little guy, barely old enough to talk, has a girlfriend already! He might be the world record holder for youngest lady’s man! Things start when the mom pretends to receive a phone call from his girlfriend. Just watch the look of joy on his face when she hands over the phone! This kid is already smitten with his lady friend! Normally I’d say three years of age is too young to be dating, but who am I reject Cupid?

The look of shock and pure joy on this kid’s face when he gets on the phone with his girlfriend is too funny!

This last funny baby video of the week is more cute than funny. Here’s a little kid who’s sitting on the couch with his pet goat. How and why this family has a pet goat is not answered in this video. Which is a shame, because I am instantly jealous they have such a cute animal as a pet. Seriously, just watch how adorable that goat is when he starts “bahhing” to get off the couch. But what takes this video over the edge is how hard the baby cries once the goat starts making noise. It’s like they’re feeding each others worst impulses!

I guess this baby and his pet goat aren’t best friends just yet!

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