Check Out The Uncanny Bonds These Twins Share

December 6, 2018

I am so jealous of twins. Wouldn’t it be the coolest to have someone who looks just like you? It’s like a built-in best friend. The next best thing to having a twin is watching videos of twins. Whether they’re older, or younger, dressed the same or fraternal, I love watching them interact. So if you’re anything like me, I have a feeling you’re gonna love these videos. Sit back and check out the uncanny bonds these twins share! 

These first twins are remarkable. They’re newborns but somehow already in sync with each other. And I say that because they’re both resting in their fathers arms while hiccuping in unison! It’s like a call and response. One hiccups, then the other.

It’s almost like they’re talking in hiccups!


Twins sometimes even manage to get themselves in the same predicament. For instance, this video features two twins who happened to both get stuck in the bottom of their bed.

How they both managed to get stuck, I’ll never know!

This next set of twins are fraternal. So they don’t look exactly the same. Although you can easily pick up on the familiarity. With that said, they do have identical freakouts on the ski lift!

They might not be identical, but their freakouts are the same!

How about these adorable little girls who are dressed the same way. They’re having a good time in a big box store together. How can I tell? Well, because they’re having a dance off in the middle of the aisle. 

These two little girls must’ve gotten dance lessons from each other!

There’s nothing like seeing twins who not only look alike, but even move in the same way. Just check out this uncanny moment caught on tape. When their older brother walks behind them, these twins whip around in the exact same way.

It’s like looking in a mirror!

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