These Are The Funniest Doggy Door Disasters

October 9, 2018

Doggy doors come in all shapes and sizes so your funny furball can come and go as he pleases.  However, passage through doggy doors doesn’t always go so smoothly.  These are the funniest doggy door disasters that will make you LOL!

This Funny Fat Cat Needs To Go On A Diet!

It’s time for this chubby furball to start cutting carbs!  This funny feline literally cannot fit through the pet door that is appropriately sized for a normal, adult cat.  He pushes and shoves with all his might to squeeze through the pet door and get back inside.  It’s not until you see his fat belly plop over that you realize why he’s having such a hard time getting through the door!  Is there a Weight Watchers for cats??  LOL!


Big Dog Squeezes Through Doggy Door To Follow His Tiny Friends

It’s always hard to be a lot taller and bigger than your friends.  You want to fit in and be able to do everything their little bodies can do, but sometimes, it’s just not possible.  This big, funny, spotted dog is having a blast with his 2 small dog buddies.  They’re chasing each other around the backyard and having a great time together.  Then, the two tiny dogs run through the little doggy door and go inside to play.  The big dog doesn’t want to be left out and decides to take a risk and wedge himself into the tiny door.  He struggles and squeezes and finally manages to slither through against all odds!

Burglar Deer Breaks Into House Through Doggy Door

You are not going to believe what happens in this funny video!  I’ve seen toddlers squeeze through doors made for dogs, but never a wild deer!  

If you didn’t think deer are smart, think again!  This unsuspecting homeowner is chillin’ inside her house when all of the sudden, an animal pokes its head through the dog door.  At first, it seems like it’s just her dog coming inside to hang out with her cat who’s curled up on her bed.  Then, the animal pokes its giant head through the door again, and you clearly see that it’s not a dog after all.  It’s a deer!  But that’s not the end of it.  Suddenly, the deer shoves his entire body through the doggy door and into the house!  The deer clumsily slips and slides all over the floor with the homeowners shriek in disbelief!  

Funny Puppy Is Terrified To Crawl Through Doggy Door

This sweet little puppy is absolutely terrified of the doggy door!  Her owners are inside the house with the camera rolling, ready to capture this funny little pup who’s too scared to crawl through the door.  She cries and cries as her loving owners encourage her to face her fears and pass through the doggy door.  Oh, the drama!  This poor pup is having an emotional breakdown over walking through the doggy door!  Finally, after lots of love and cheerleading from her owners, she bravely runs through the door into the house!

Lazy Pup Doesn’t Flinch As Auto Doggy Door Opens And Closes On Her Head

This is the most easy-going dog you will ever meet!  Check out this funny video!

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