These Are The Funniest Groovy Grandparents You Will Ever See

October 12, 2018

It’s no secret that dancing keeps you young at heart!  These funny grandparents prove that with their funky moves.  These are the funniest groovy grandparents you will ever see!

Crazy Grandma In Grass Skirt Slays The Hula

Talk about bringing sexy back!  This funny grandma is proudly rocking coconuts and a grass skirt as she sings and performs the hula for the camera.  Boy, does she have moves!  Not only does she know how to sway her hips, but she also knows Hawaiian and sings a traditional hula song.  She didn’t forget about wearing her pooka shell necklace and putting a flower behind her ear either!  She’s totally got the island vibe going on and isn’t shy performing her hula in front of the camera.  I can only hope to be as stunning as this grandma is when I get older!


Funny Grandma Twerks Hard To Eminem

This twerking session is a whole family affair!  What an awesome family – I’m jealous!  This funny grandma totally gets down with her grandchildren in the kitchen while Eminem blasts in the background.  Looks like twerking is in the genes of this family!  No one is camera shy here.  Her grandchildren show her exactly how to shake her booty to the beat like a pro.  Who said old people can’t move their hips like the young kids?  This funny grandma has such a young spirit!

Goofy Grandpa Embarrasses Grandma On The Wedding Dance Floor

This funny grandpa is having a blast on the wedding dance floor and obviously could care less about what anyone thinks of his moves.  He’s jiving away for the camera with a giant grin on his face.  What a fun guy!  Weddings are the best place to celebrate your friends and family and dance like no one’s watching.  This groovy grandpa has really got some moves!  Then, his wife enters the camera shot.  She is clearly super embarrassed watching her husband shake it on the dance floor.  Ah, come on grandma!  Have a little fun…it’s a wedding!

Groovy Grandpa Shows Off His Smooth Moves At Birthday Party

This funny grandpa clearly loves being the star of the show!  It’s his birthday and his whole family is gathered together to celebrate.  He kicks off his shoes and starts grooving to the beat in the kitchen while everyone cheers him on.  I gotta say, age hasn’t got anything on this dancing star!  This groovy grandpa has got some smooth moves and he loves showing them off for the camera.  After swaying his way to an armchair, his family brings out his birthday cake and sings Happy Birthday in celebration!

Old Dude Just Cannot Figure Out The Macarena

Oh, La Macarena!  An iconic dance of the 90’s whose legacy will live on forever, whether we like it or not.  I’m pretty sure everyone in the entire world knows how to do the Macarena except for this funny fella.  At least he’s not shy!  Even though he has no clue how to do the Macarena, he stands right in the front of the group and makes up his own moves for the camera.  LOL!

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