These Are The Funniest Videos Of Kids Golfing You Will See

September 26, 2018

Playing golf is a super fun activity for both funny kids and adults.  Golf is not an easy sport, however, and things can go terribly wrong on the course.  These are the funniest videos of kids golfing you will see anywhere!

Tiny Girl With A Big Swing

This funny tot is a killer golfer and definitely has a natural talent for the sport.  From behind the camera, her dad coaches her as she practices hitting a line of golf balls.  Her swing is fierce, and she nails each ball one by one.  After 3 successful swings, she sets up for the fourth and final ball.  Her form is looking awesome as she sets up to take the swing.  She delivers a powerful swing with her golf club, but misses the ball and goes spinning down to the ground.  Her dad must be proud because 3 out of 4 isn’t bad for a tiny toddler!


Funny Little Boy Makes Up His Own Rules For Mini Golf

Mini golf is seriously one of the most fun outdoor activities there are.  Whether you’re a kid or an adult an afternoon of mini golf is guaranteed to be a good time and might even result in some funny laughs.  This adorable little boy clearly does not understand the rules of mini golf as he endlessly puts the ball around obviously not counting his strokes.  Mom is laughing behind the camera as her funny son can’t seem to hit the ball in the hole, no matter how many swings he makes.

Hilarious Golf Prank Explosion

Pranking a family member is always funny, but pranking a family member on the golf course is even more hilarious and creative.  This young boy looks like a pro golfer in the making!  He sets up his swing perfectly, and the camera is ready to go.  Perfectly framing the golf cart behind him, this almost looks like a professional golf video.  

I have never seen anything like what’s about to happen next!  The boy winds up, swings, and nails the ball with the club.  Then, BAM!  The golf ball actually explodes into a cloud of smoke, shocking the young golfer and everyone watching.  How in the world did they do that?!

Frustrated Toddler Is A Sore Loser At Mini Golf

There’s no doubt that golf can be super frustrating if you’re not having a good day on the course.  Everyone has their on and off days, and in this video, this funny kid is definitely not on his game.  Instead of focusing on hitting the golf ball in the hole on the mini golf course, this kid throws the club down over and over in frustration.  Finally, he takes an alternative approach to hitting the ball and kicks it like a soccer ball.  LOL!

Mini Golf Water Trap Fail!

It turns out there are more hazards on the mini golf course than you think!  This funny kid slips and falls in the water trap, soaking himself completely while his entire family laughs hysterically from behind the camera.  I hope his wrist is okay because that was a hard fall!

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