Cheerleading Fails That Will Make You Glad You Quit Sports

December 13, 2018

Cheerleaders are impressive athletes. They have to excite the audience of whatever sporting event regardless of whether the team is winning or losing. That is a job in which I would be very bad. It takes a lot of spunk and enthusiasm to be a good cheerleader. And all the people in these videos have what it takes. But the coordination wasn’t there for them today. Check out cheerleading fails that will make you glad you quit sports!

The first clip features a girl who’s rehearsing her moves at home for the game. Problem is, she’s practicing while standing on a chair. That’s definitely not the best place to hone your skills as a cheerleader. Wouldn’t you agree? As you’re about to see…

What goes up, must come down.


The next clip forces us to give a warning to all future cheerleaders reading this blog. Don’t practice cheerleading moves indoors! Go outside where there are no ceiling fans to knock down. Once she hits the fan, the light flickers and burns out. The girl looks officially terrified afterwards.

Most cheers shouldn’t end with smoke billowing from the fan!

Another clip, another poor girl falling off her chair. I guess the good news is that these chairs aren’t very high off the ground. Then again, I’m not the one dealing with the pain associated with such a fall so maybe I shouldn’t talk!

We need to get these chairs seat belts!

Finally, when performing with a group, watch your elbows. Especially if one of your friends is holding your weight and then catching you, you definitely don’t want her to be the one person you’re elbowing in the face. Don’t worry, no one was seriously injured in the making of this video.

But I’m guessing they’ll be using helmets next time they try this cheer!

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