These Hilarious Dogs Don’t Like Sharing The Spotlight

January 2, 2019

All dog owners have probably noticed one thing over the years. Our dogs do not like sharing the spotlight. The moment I stop petting my dog, he’s trying to get me to start petting him again. That’s a dog’s life, I suppose. So we went through the AFV archives looking for our favorite examples of dogs that can’t let go. You’ll notice right away, these hilarious dogs don’t like sharing the spotlight!

This first dog is pretty low-key about the attention he demands. That is, he’s not barking for his owner to look at him. He’s not jumping all over her. Nope. He just sits on his hind legs directly in front of her until she looks away. 

Sitting in your owner’s eye line is one way to hog attention.


Also, it’s not just humans. Dogs like to receive attention from other dogs as well. Case in point, watch this little puppy keep forcing himself into the cuddle pile even though it doesn’t seem to be working.

This puppy insists on a cuddle.

Check out this dog who’s learned to honk the car horn whenever he wants his owner to come back. 

Let’s hope that dog doesn’t learn to honk the horn at anyone else!

Finally, if there’s one item that sucks the most attention away from dogs, it’s our computers. As I type this, my dog is whining for my attention. Let’s just say that dogs have a rivalry with our laptops. But some dogs are a little more aggressive about it than others. Sure, my dog whines a little. But the dog in this next video has had enough. And he’s willing to let it be known that he wants his owner to stop typing and pet him!

This dog is like, “Enough typing already, time to pet me!”

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