These Kids Are Not Having Fun On The Farm

November 2, 2018

If there are two things that don’t seem to mix well, it’s little kids and farm animals. Little kids get grossed out and scared pretty easily. And barnyard animals have no boundaries over who they lick. The two are like oil and water. Sure, petting zoos are fun. But inevitably something goes wrong and my little daughter is in tears because the cow bit her hair. That’s why this video just goes to show, these kids are not having fun on the farm!

There are so many amazing clips in this compilation to choose from, it’s hard to decide where to start! What about all the clips of cows licking people out of nowhere? There are a few of those. Who knew cows were so affectionate?! I mean, sure, they’re probably just mistaking the little girl  in her mom’s arms for a salt lick. But still, it’s pretty darn cute. 

I’m guessing some of these kids will need a bath when they get home from the barn!

Probably my other favorite type of clip are the kids running in horror from entirely innocuous animals. Don’t get me wrong, I get that animals can be pretty scary. Most of my interaction with turkeys are when they show up on my plate. So if I met one in real life, I’d be a little alarmed if it started running after me. But check out these kids reactions to a flock of chickens squawking in their direction! Then again, there’s also a clip of a little girl who jumps off a wall, only to have a baby goat mimic her exactly right afterwards. Those two are destined to be fast friends…

I’m guessing that family won’t be serving lamp chops anytime soon!

If you have any videos of your kids interacting with barnyard animals, we’d love to see them! Send HERE!


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