These Videos Prove Your Family Isn’t The Weirdest After All

January 9, 2019

We all think we have the weirdest family. When you must spend time with weird ole Uncle Mark who refuses to hold in a fart at dinner, we have proof that you’re not alone. That’s right, everyone else’s family also has lots of weirdos! So perhaps you can use these clips as therapy, because these videos prove your family isn’t the weirdest after all!

Okay, this crazy dad definitely takes the cake for weirdest family member. Or maybe he’s just the most frugal? It’s hard to tell. You can be the judge once you realize he turned his drill into a makeshift tooth cleaning machine. You know, just to save money by avoiding the dentist.

Someone might need to call 911 on this DIY dentist dad!


If you learn one thing from this video, don’t spring karaoke on any family members. Not because they’re bad singers, which they are. But because you don’t wanna know how seriously they take their Prince impersonations!

If you listen really carefully, you can actually hear people cringing! 

Okay, it’s not unheard of to lose your phone. Happens to the best of us. But it’s pretty rare that you find your lost phone in a shoe. Why would you put your phone in a shoe? Actually, wait, maybe it’s best not to ask logical questions in a situation like this.

Someone might wanna spray that phone with Tinactin.

Here’s a quirky grandpa who rigged his tractor to have a swing on it!

Finally, here’s a family who takes saying grace very seriously. In fact, they take it so seriously, they insist their dog also join in. 

I have a feeling the only thing this dog is playing for is they’ll say “Amen” faster so he can chow down!

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