This Adorable Little Girl Can’t Let Go Of Singing “Let It Go”

June 12, 2018

In this absolutely, entirely adorable video, a little girl pursues her passion of being a star, or being Elsa, or both! She belts out an admirable rendition of the popular hit from Disney’s animated film “Frozen,” entitled “Let It Go.” Ever heard of it? If you know anyone under the age of fourteen, or over the age of sixteen, you probably have. But not fifteen-year-old’s. Absolutely none. Assuming that you have met someone of nearly any age, however, you’ve heard Idina Menzel’s (or, according to John Travolta, Adele Dazeem’s) phenomenal version of the song from the movie. Since then, it has been covered time and time again, by fans young and old, but never fifteen. I do not make the rules.

This prodigy begins with an impassioned few words to her Elsa doll. Elsa, of course, is the character in Frozen who sings “Let It Go,” and this little girl channels her perfectly. By beginning with serenading the character herself, not only is she exhibiting an understanding of existentialism and the concept of reality versus fiction in a way far beyond her years, but she is also saying “Step aside, Elsa! I’m the star now!” Yes you are, girl! Yes you are. I am certainly not going to tell her otherwise. She seems convinced, and I believe her wholeheartedly. This is exhibited even farther by her placing down the Elsa doll all together, releasing it from her strong embrace. After that, she declares at the top of her lungs, ready for her solo, “I’LL BEEEE,” which is likely her riveting interpretation of the better known (but nowhere near as inspired) “I’m free” lyric, that is traditionally sang at that part of the song by the less creative.

She keeps her eyes closed, as if blinded by her own boundless talent. She sees that she is a once in a generation talent, perhaps even rarer. That is the true sight. Perhaps it is the rest of us that truly have our eyes closed. Now, thanks to this video, we get the opportunity to finally have our eyes opened. We see this little girl for the unprecedented talent she knows she is, and now we know as well.

By changing the lyrics almost entirely to the song, she exhibits a grasp on the English language more impressive than most adults. She does not have to say the words being sang in the song, for she understands their essence, entirely and completely. She feels the words, the singing is secondary. She knows and believes what it is she is saying completely, whatever that may be. I admire her confidence, her certainty that she is right, because she is.

This just in, I have been told that you actually can listen to and love Frozen’s “Let It Go” as much as the rest of us, whether you’re fifteen, or any other age. What a song! And, even more, what a performance!

Now is not the time to freeze! Send in a video of you rocking out to your favorite song HERE. And don’t forget to watch the adorable video!

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