This Compilation Of People Freaking Out Over Spiders Is Everything You Need

January 28, 2019

Just watching this from the comfort of my own home, I’m still weirded out.

I just checked behind my chair for a spider! What is it about spiders? Seriously, what is it about them that’s so terrifying? But even the fake rubber spiders you see adorning front porches at Halloween weird me out. There’s just something about spiders that triggers a deep seeded fundamental fear in most people. Sure, there’s probably a few of you out there reading this saying to yourselves, “What’s the big deal? It’s just a little spider.” Fine. Kudos, you’re not afraid of spiders, pat yourself on the back. You’re right, it is a silly fear to have! But logic doesn’t help me when it comes to these eight legged freaks. 

Back to the video, this series of clips really has it all.

Any crazy reaction you’ve dreamed of seeing from someone who’s startled by a spider is in this video.

We’ve got it all, from people jumping out of their chairs, falling down, screaming at the top of their lungs, slamming it with a rolled up newspaper or screaming for help. There are fake spiders and real ones! How do you think you’d react if you were in the kitchen and suddenly a (fake) spider about the size of a fist crawls out on the wall – inches away from your face! I literally can’t tell you exactly what I’d do, but if this is any guess, my heart is already beating a mile a minute. My hands are sweating as I type this! That’s pretty much how I’d react. I’d scream, run out of the house and never come back. I’d hire a team of movers to go in without me, box everything up (sans spider) and ship it off to my next apartment in another state. 

The last time I saw a spider in my apartment was easily a year ago. But it was one of the worst kinds of sightings. I had just woken up, it was the summer so I didn’t have any blankets on the bed. And I didn’t have to get up just yet, so I was killing time while resting in bed. Then, suddenly, I felt the familiar skitter of a bug. I could feel it moving quickly on me, first on my leg and then quickly it was on my back. The bug was probably only on me for three or four seconds, but it felt like an eternity. I turned my head to see a spider jump off my shoulder and onto the wall. That’s pretty much when I screamed and jumped out of bed, running into the hallway. What a way to wake up, am I right? Who knows what happened to it since I never saw where it went after it jumped off my shoulder. And, once again, I never stepped foot in that horrifying dungeon of an apartment ever again. I’ve been on the road ever since, dealing with the PTSD of having a spider wake me up. For the rest of you, enjoy the video!

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