This Is What Happens When Ninja Squirrels Attack

January 8, 2019

If you thought squirrels were just sweet, nut-eating furballs, then you haven’t seen these videos!  These squirrels don’t just climb trees…they have crazy superpowers.  This is what happens when ninja squirrels attack!

Pet squirrel transforms into a secret flying ninja in the blink of an eye!

Check out this pet squirrel who calmly chills on his owner’s shoulder while she cleans the house.  He seems so sweet and cuddly, right?  Wrong!  Watch and see what happens when he flips into ninja mode!


Aggressive squirrel gets too close for comfort with innocent tourist chillin’ on a park bench.

It’s one thing to be friendly and say hi to a stranger.  It’s completely another to jump on a stranger’s shoulders on a random park bench.  This squirrel definitely isn’t shy!  LOL!

Super flying ninja squirrel dominates a screaming family’s kitchen, but does he prevail?  Watch and find out!

If you watch one squirrel video, watch this one!  Check out this family who is in complete hysterics as a crazy ninja squirrel goes flying through their kitchen.  Banging into windows and knocking over everything, this squirrel is totally out of control.  Who will dominate in the end?  The family or the squirrel??  Watch and find out!

You won’t ever feel safe again eating popcorn at the park after you see this!  LOL!

Check out this nice woman who is casually enjoying a bag of popcorn at the park when disaster strikes!  Out of nowhere, a ninja squirrel attacks the bag and the woman practically has a heart attack!  Never assume you’re safe eating popcorn at the park!

Squirrels love playing hoops too!

It’s all net for this basketball playing squirrel…literally!  He could spend days entwined in this backyard basketball net.  You definitely want this slam dunker on your team!  LOL!

Dumpster diving squirrel plays hide and seek in a trash can and entertains a family for hours!

Squirrels have to entertain themselves too, ya know!  This clever little guy has made a game of hide and seek happen with a funny little boy in and out of a trash can.  So funny!

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