Kid Has No Idea His Missing Candy Is Actually Stuck To His Shirt

November 5, 2018

This little guy is very upset, inconsolable even. And I can’t blame him. He’s missing a caramel cream hard candy. Let’s be honest, no one likes losing (misplacing?) candy. But there’s some good news. The candy isn’t gone forever. Far from it. In fact, it’s stuck to the front of his shirt and this four year old has no idea. His dad knows but isn’t telling. Which is why this video is so awesome. You get to watch this little guy mourn for his candy. But all’s well that ends well. Because this kid has no idea his missing candy is actually stuck to his shirt!

Are you aware of the five second rule? The one that states you can eat food that’s only been on the ground for less than five seconds. How does that rule work if the candy is matted into your shirt? Kind of a legal gray area!

Does the five second rule count if the candy doesn’t touch the ground, rather is matted into your shirt?

Easily my favorite part of this video is when the dad points out what’s obvious to the rest of us, the candy is on the kid’s shirt. And pop! Without hesitation, the candy immediately goes right back into his mouth. How did it get out of his mouth in the first place? Fair question. You know how kids are. They’re always eating candy with their mouth open and letting food fall out, etc. 

Rest assured, this little guy gets the last laugh!

Even though it’s kinda tormenting that the dad doesn’t tell his son about the candy on his shirt at first, it makes for a fun reveal at the end. It’s like watching a suspenseful movie but you know there’s a happy ending! And if you have a similar video to this one, we’d love to see it! Send it HERE!


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