Give This Little Boy A Trophy For Being The Worst Ice Skater Ever

February 28, 2019

First things first, ice skating isn’t easy. I can’t remember the last time I went ice skating. But I do recall spending the next day hobbling around because of all the bruising on my legs and butt. What I’m trying to say is, I fell a lot. So the fact that this little guy isn’t exactly sure-footed on those skates is no problem at all! With that said, he takes wobbling on the ice to the next level. In fact, I’ve watched this video four or five times now and I don’t think there’s even one moment in which he’s standing up straight! Oh well. Give this little boy a trophy for being the worst ice skater ever!

We might need to get him some extra padding!

Don’t worry, little guy, we aren’t giving up hope that you’ll one day be an Olympic skater! But we probably wouldn’t bet money on it. And that’s okay! Not everyone has to be great at every sport. As long as you’re having fun out there, that’s all that matters. And he is having a good time. Despite falling on his butt literally a dozen times over the course of the video, he still has a smile on his face. Only a kid could smile during such a painful experience. I’d be popping Advil like Skittles in the middle of rink with the kind of grimace on my face you only see in horror movies. 

Will someone have to just carry him off the ice?

This video really does crack me up. Even the mom is having a good laugh watching her son struggle on his skates. The best part is he’s still wearing his Batman coat and everything. What I mean is, he’s got all the gear to make it seem like he’s hard-nosed and no-nonsense on the rink! But doesn’t quite have the coordination to pull it off yet. At one moment, I thought he was actually about to give up. Did you notice that too? At one point, he’s lying on the ice and smiles at his mom. That’s when I’m convinced he’s gonna soldier-crawl his way to the exit of the rink. But no, this kid isn’t a quitter!

I’ll give him this, he’s no quitter!

I’m assuming he eventually made his way off the ice. Or perhaps he’s still struggling on that rink and waiting for summer to come along and melt it all. But leave it up to kids to have fun even when they’re slipping and sliding and falling all over the place. Our only suggestion would be, maybe don’t run out and join a competitive youth hockey league just yet. In fact, here at the AFV office, we’re passing around a collection hat to buy you a catcher’s mitt! It’s possible baseball, with its dusty, non-icy diamond might just be a better fit!

Do you have a hilarious video of your child struggling to play a sport? Or an ice skating video we’ve got to see? Send them HERE!

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