This Magpie Laughs Like A Little Girl

November 29, 2015

This black and white Eurasian magpie was found outside on the ground before its wing muscles could fly and its mother no where in sight. A woman rescued him and now months later, he lives outside in the wild but will come whenever she calls. A magpie’s extraordinary intelligence isn’t the only thing that separates them from other birds. This happy little guy has picked up a few quirks, and one is that this magpie laughs just like a little child! They say that no sound is sweeter than a child’s laugh. This woman now gets to hear it in her home every morning! (Cute, or creepy?)

Each time that magpie laughs, it’s owners must be totally fooled! There are some pet tricks you can teach while others happen unexpectedly! Did this dog always know how to twirl a baton or is there a glitch in the Matrix?

If you have a video of your pet we want to see it! Upload to the show HERE.


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