Time Is Running Out: How To Live Your Summer To The Fullest

July 11, 2018

You work, study and toil the entire year. There were plenty of ups, and perhaps a few downs. But you’ve finally made it to the summer. Every school kid is familiar with the exuberant freedom of having no school, no homework, nothing. The beautiful taste of freedom when you sleep in that first morning with nothing to do. But as you might’ve already noticed, that first week slips by pretty quickly. Who cares? There are many more weeks of doing nothing like it to follow. But once that second week also buzzes by, things start to get a little more serious. June is gone. Now that we’re in July, it’s time to get serious about this… how are you gonna spend the rest of your summer? Video games are great, sure. Reading AFV is even better! But let’s take a moment to strategize how to spend your remaining four to six weeks of summer!


First things first, let’s figure out how much free time you have left. Count the number of remaining free days you have before school starts and subtract any work or family vacation time from that. Don’t get me wrong, going to grandma’s house is great and it’s a nice escape from the normal routine. But that doesn’t count as a free day in which you can do whatever you’d like. Let’s just focus on the scheduling and filling your free time. Now look at your magic number. Really study it. Meditate over it even. Burn some incense and ask yourself, what do you want to do with your summer?

You have no idea, do you? There are so many options, that if you don’t plan, you can wake up and easily slip back into old habits. So let’s run through some choices.

Water related activities – Unless you summer in Antarctica, you’re probably experiencing warmer (dare I suggest, nightmarishly hot?) weather as we speak. What better time to explore the inside of a water slide? If admission to a water park is too much money, then run out and buy a good old fashioned slip n’slide like the one in this video. Although here’s a suggestion, try to avoid wiping out your friends though:

Then again, perhaps one of your friends has a pool? If so, the amount of time you can spend there is pretty much correlated with how close your friendship is. Starting in January, when it’s still cold out and they’re none the wiser, it’s always best to cultivate deeper, stronger friendships with people whose parents have pools. Especially since pools are the best way to blow a hot summer afternoon. Like, just imagine how long it took to pull off this epic trick shot.

The best part of summer is that you don’t have to be cooped up in the house all day. Sure, there’s air conditioning inside and there’s none outside. But it’s the summer, you have to expose yourself to a little sunshine. While you’re at it, why not take one of those new hover boards for a ride. Just be careful you don’t repeat what happened to this guy.

Usually at the end of the summer, I like to look back and marvel at all the things I did. Whether it’s with friends or alone, I usually find doing at least one big activity a week is beneficial. Think about something you wanted to do during the school year, but couldn’t because you were trapped at home studying for a test. Throughout the year, I try to keep track of dream day trips in a folder on my phone. That way, once I hit summer, I won’t forget about that ideal day I thought about back in December.

Don’t forget to schedule some quality time with your pet! Whether it’s a dog or cat, bird or some other weird animal I’d never guess you had in your backyard. It’s summer for them too! They love that you’re around more often than usual. But it’s easy to forget about those little guys. Don’t just give your dog an extra rub on the head while you’re pouring your third bowl of cereal for the morning. Take him for a walk, throw him in the lake (make sure he can swim first, of course). Heck, you never know what he might bring back with him.

As you reach the middle of August, as summer is starting to wind down, think of this as Summer Finals. You’ve reached the time where you’ve really got to squeeze all the extra fun out of your remaining moments of freedom. Don’t let the Back to School commercials that are now running twenty-four seven on the TV bum you out. Get your game face on and get really serious about how you want to spend your remaining lazy summer days. Don’t worry that a handful of your friends are at their grandma’s house until the day before school. Just focus on what you want to do with your time. How do you want to spend your last two weeks of summer? For me, this is when I like to sit back, relax and do nothing. “But I already spent the first two weeks of summer doing nothing.” That’s right, you did! But doing nothing at the end of summer is an entirely different beast than doing nothing at the beginning on summer. You’ll appreciate it more now that the end is near. Trust me, that lemonade will taste a little sweeter right now.

Well those are my two cents at least. You do you! Regardless of how you spend your summer, it’ll come to an end sooner or later. If your life was just one unending summer, that probably means you’re retired and living in Florida. But don’t sweat summer ending. At least the air will be cooling down soon. And trust me, before you know it, the school year will zip by and it’ll be late June and you’ll be frantically looking for this article again!

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