Tiny Dog Lays In Man’s Pants While He Uses The Toilet

April 11, 2018

In writing this blog we learned a new term and we want to share it with you because we think that it is one you will add to your lexicon right away. The term is Velcro dog.
Normally when you see dogs in bathrooms they are fighting to get out because they hate bath time…

So, what is a Velcro dog? Like the name suggests, a Velcro dog is a dog that follows you around and wants to be by your side at all times, from the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom. And in the case of the dog in this video, even the bathroom. We are sure that you like us would call that type of clingy. These types of dogs have a strong desire to be close to their humans. Certain breeds of dogs have been bred to be more dependent or work with their owners which increases their clinginess. These include lap dogs like Malteses and herding dogs like German Shepherds.
This little guy just loves his human a lot. Maybe a little TOO much!

If you’re worried that your Velcro dog has separation anxiety instead there are differences. Separation Anxiety dogs bark or howl when your gone, destructively chew, try to escape and stress pant, pass or go to the bathroom. Velcro dogs just follow you from room to room, constantly need or want to be near you, keep you in sight at all times and anticipating when you might get up. They also want to be where the action is, and really who doesn’t? That said, Velcro dogs can develop Separation Anxiety, so you should keep an eye out. Otherwise, love your little cuddlers.

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