Tiny Dog Screams Like A Goat When He Doesn’t Get His Way

June 13, 2018

Dogs can be very vocal about what they like and don’t like.  They’re not very good at hiding their strong emotions from their human owners.  I know my little fluffy furball lets me know when she doesn’t like something.  She has this crazy howl that sounds more like a dying horse than a canine, and she lets it out when she wants something.  For my dog, her only motivations in life are food and treats, and if either of those are around and she’s not getting any, we all have to hear it.  But that doesn’t stop me from loving my precious best friend.  Dogs are truly the best and even though they can be challenging sometimes, their unconditional love and loyalty makes up for their sometimes naughty behaviors.

This tiny pup DOES NOT like the window closed.   Just like how my dog is emotionally attached to food, this adorable canine has a strong attachment to that window remaining open.  And his dog mom knows it and uses it to joke around with her furry friend.  Standing up tall on his hind legs, this slender pup shows us how much he loves looking out of the open window.  He already seems to know something’s about to go down when his mom approaches the window with her outstretched hand.  She politely asks his permission if she can close the window and he reacts with a bark that clearly says “NO.”  He snips at her as her hand slowly comes closer to the windowsill.  Inch by inch, she slowly lowers the window down as the pup writhes and cries in anxiety.  You would think she was closing the window on his paw or something!  He’s screaming like he’s being tortured when all mom is only trying to keep the family, including the lovable pup, warm by closing the window.  As mom gets closer and closer to completely closing the window, the pup’s cries get more and more desperate as if he’s pleading his mom for his life.  Oh the drama!  With less than an inch to go, the dog seems to give up for a moment and accept his defeat.  But that didn’t last long!  Realizes there’s still a chance that he can win and save the window from being closed all the way, he leaps like a lightning bolt back to the small opening in hopes of victory.  Mom puts the nail in the coffin by sealing the window all the way shut right in front of his wet little nose.  Sorry buddy, it looks like mom wins the battle this time!

Were you aware that when dogs react strongly to exit points like doors and windows, it can mean that they are in such an anxious state that they want to escape at all costs?  I didn’t know that, and I’ve been a dog mom for six years.  This behavior is also a sign that your furry friend is experiencing separation anxiety and can cause them to panic, especially when left alone.

This little fella may not have gotten his way this time, but something tells me that his parents spoil him with love!

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