Toddler Brother Gets Revenge On Tween Sister After She Trolls Him From Front Seat

May 10, 2018

It is said revenge is a dish best served cold, but the adorable boy in this video doesn’t have time to wait. LOL! If you love watching hilarious siblings videos then you’ve come to the right place. These two are beyond adorable, and the video is so funny!

The entire family is headed out on a family trip, and they couldn’t be more excited. But, while the parents went to the store, the siblings decided to have some fun. Well, not actually all of them, only one. The oldest one decided to troll her younger brother. She kept trolling him and laughing, and the boy was getting angry. I believe the adorable girl couldn’t have even imagined how her bother would get his revenge. LOL! She probably didn’t expect anything to happen. But, in his defense, he did tell her to stop. While she was laughing at him, he asked her to stop a couple of times. But, she didn’t listen to him. That was a mistake!

He brother gave her some time, and then decided it was enough. He got up from his seat and came close to his older sister. While she was laughing with her eyes closed, he decided to have his revenge. And it’s so hilarious! I don’t believe he was plotting his revenge for a long time, but it turned out so hilarious! He came up to her and started hitting her on the head. OUCH!

But, we all know siblings argue a lot while younger so this doesn’t come as a surprise. It’s what kids do! They have a bond so special and unbreakable, and no argument could ever come in between them. I believe they made up minutes after this hilarious situation.

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