Toddler Devastated Over Picture Of Her Mommy At Prom With A Man Who’s Not Her Daddy

April 3, 2018

Kids really do say the darndest things, don’t they? As a parent, there is nothing more entertaining than hearing what crazy things your little ones come up with. My children find the most hilarious things to get excited about. Equally as adorable is when tots get upset over totally nonsensical things. Most of the time, it’s not funny when your kid is upset. But when they’re upset over something silly it becomes totally hilarious. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard what this young girl got mad at her mom about!
Mommy was in hysterics when her toddler saw her prom photo and got ANGRY with her! That’s not daddy…

Prom is such an important moment in young adulthood. You never forget your senior prom. And now, this woman will never forget her prom for a totally different reason. Her daughter found her old prom photo and became FURIOUS with her for this hilarious reason.

This toddler was in disbelief that her mom had gone to prom with someone other than her daddy! LOL, this little girl was not happy with her mom for going to a dance with another man. “I don’t like that guy,” her daughter cried! Oh man, this is the cutest meltdown I have ever seen.
Her daughter couldn’t listen to mommy’s explanation — she was too inconsolable after finding a picture of her mom with another man!

Her daughter didn’t understand no matter how many times she tried to explain that it was an old picture. She begged her mom to throw the picture in the garbage and all mom could do was laugh. Oh man, she’ll understand one day! Mom better make sure she doesn’t throw out that picture while she’s not looking…

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