Toddler Face Plants Into Sand Sliding Down Playground Slide

June 14, 2018

I can’t imagine a better way to make the most of a nice summer afternoon than spending it on a playground. At least all the kids can agree with me on this one! There are so many fun activities to choose from when you are on a playground. But, for whatever reason, the slides are among the most popular playground features. And the little boy from this video will surely agree on that one with me!

You just have to check out his hilarious playground adventures! As the clip begins, you can see a little boy sitting on the top of a slide. He’s preparing to go down the slide, and you can tell that he’s really excited about that! You go, little one! Ready, set and go! He slides down perfectly but when it comes to landing on the ground, he fails gloriously! LOL! He didn’t think the whole thing through! LOL! So hilarious!

This kid will have to work on his landing skills. He did everything by the book except for the landing part! His face plant was hilarious! Even his mom laughed out loud. Imagine that! And he looked so confused. It was as he could not understand what has happened! Slides were supposed to be fun! Not the source of pain. But, all he has to do is keep practicing and he’ll get that landing right. Although I am not sure if he’ll go anywhere near slides after this incident. Or playgrounds, for that matter!

If you’ve ever wondered where the slides came from, here’s an answer! The origin of playground slides is uncertain, although one of the first slides patented was possibly by James Kirker in 1893. This device was intended as a fire escape, however earlier patents exist for water slide designs, so the device found its purpose on children’s playgrounds.

The earliest known playground slide was built in the playground of Washington DC’s “Neighborhood House” in early 1902, and ever since, playgrounds are children’s favorite pass time. Right after tablets, smartphones, and TVs. Kids aren’t what they used to be, right?

So, this kid brightened my day with his hilarious fail. I am sure you’ll enjoy this video, too. There’s nothing cuter and sweeter than a clumsy kid. I hope he’ll soon learn how to land properly, so he can enjoy playground slides to the full!

Do you have a funny playground adventure caught on tape? We would love to see it! Upload your video HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch a funny video below!

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