Toddler Gets A Case Of The Dizzies Spinning On Playground Toy

June 12, 2018

I’ve always loved playgrounds! They are such fun places to be when you’re just a kid, especially if they have lots of different structures there. My personal favorite was always all sorts of playground roundabouts! I just loved to hop on one and spin as long as possible and get dizzy. Just like a kid in this video.

Two tot kids, a boy, and his little sister are having fun on a small red roundabout. They spin together for a while, but this sweet little girl wants to get off it before the roundabout completely stops. She trips and falls on the ground, but when she tries to get up on her feet, the real fun begins! LOL! She first goes on her fours and tries to stand up, but she is so dizzy that she can’t hold the balance at all. No matter how hard she tries, she falls back to the ground. LOL!

It’s hard to withstand spinning on a playground roundabout without getting dizzy. But why spinning makes us dizzy? It all has to do with our inner ear!

The inner parts of our ears, the ones in our head, give us a sense of balance. These inside ear parts have hollow spaces filled with liquid. The walls of these hollow spaces are lined with tiny hair cells. When we move around, this liquid sloshes around and bends the tiny hair cells. The bending hair cells are connected to nerve cells that send messages to your brain – giving you your sense of balance. Yes, a human body is a super complicated machine. When we spin around rapidly, that liquid in the inner ear spins with us. When we stop spinning the liquid keeps moving for a bit, confusing the brain into thinking that we’re still moving. This confusion is what makes us feel dizzy.

But here’s one question! How come ballerinas don’t get dizzy? They spin and spin, and never get dizzy! It’s like magic! But it’s only hard work. Scientists have discovered differences in the brain structure of ballet dancers that may help them avoid feeling dizzy when they perform pirouettes. This comes from years of practicing, not because they have different brains.

But we all love this feeling. Playground roundabouts have been around for over a century, and just think about roller coasters and other theme park rides! So much dizziness! However, this little girl may not be a fan of roundabouts any longer!

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