Toddler Lands Backflip While Dad Goes Flying Into Tent

May 28, 2018

There are a couple of reasons why I’m thankful for the video we have today. The first reason would be the fact that it’s absolutely hilarious and I can’t stop laughing. And the second one would be because it teaches us a great lesson. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s how NOT to do a backflip.

If you thought an epic win and an epic fail can’t fit into a single short video, you were wrong! This funny video is here to prove you that winning and failing at the same time is certainly possible! You’re in for a treat!

It’s a beautiful sunny day and a little boy and his dad are spending it outside in their backyard. The music is playing and you can tell they are in the mood! So they decide to celebrate the glorious day with some hilarious backflips! So much fun! On your mark, get set and go! The first time they do it, only the little boy lands the backflip. OMG, how impressive is that? He is so talented!

After seeing how the little boy did, they decide to give it another shot, and this time they should be able to do it together. All right! I’m up for it, let’s go! Both of them jump and backflip perfectly! It’s a win!

However, the dad gets a little too confident and goes for another backflip. BIG MISTAKE! This time, he ends up knocking a tent down. LOL! And that’s a fail! So hilarious! But, the most important thing is the fact the entire family had so much fun on the beautiful sunny day. So precious!

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