Toddler Literally Caught Red Handed Creating Crime Scene In Grandma’s Bathroom

April 27, 2018

Here at AFV, we joke around a lot about kids and animals getting caught red handed (or, in the case of animals, red pawed) in the act of committing a crime. We’ve witnessed thefts, daring escape attempts, and even all out brawls. But it’s not often that we get to say that someone was LITERALLY caught red handed. This kid has wrecked havoc on his grandmother’s house. And there’s definitely no doubt who was the culprit.

When grandma said he could finger paint, I don’t think this is what she meant. She walks into the bathroom to discover a crime scene! Well, it looks like a crime scene at first glance. It seems this boy has gotten into an entire gallon of red paint. It’s smeared all over the door, the toilet, the tub, and beyond. The little boy screams “Don’t call cops!” It’s easy to see why she might call the cops. It looks like a murder has taken place. Luckily it’s only paint! The hallway is covered in red paint, the sink, the bed, even the little boy’s body!

When grandma insists that she needs to call the cops on him, he lets out a wailing scream. It’s true, this little boy has committed a crime. But it’s truly nothing serious. It only LOOKS like something serious. Whew! I thought something really horrible might’ve happened.

As the pair of them move back into the bedroom, we see red paint on even more stuff. A box fan, a bedside table,  a lamp, and even the bedspread are covered in red paint. As grandma looks for more paint, the boy tries bargaining with her. He’ll do just about anything to stay out of the slammer.

The good news is that he isn’t going to jail. The bad news is grandma is still gonna be his prison warden.

Have your kids ever created a crime scene like this? Upload a video HERE.

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