Toddler Boy’s Pants Get Snagged On Gate Trying To Flee Horse

June 8, 2018

This cute little boy was having a good old time down on the farm. Somehow he got his shorts caught on a metal gate that’s fencing in some horses but stood there patiently waiting for someone to free him. Dad finds him and asks what is wrong and the kid simply tries walking away from the gate to reveal his pants are well and truly stuck. “Did your pants get stuck?” asks Dad. “Yeah” says the boy in the cutest way possible. “How long have you been stuck here?” asks Dad but the boy is starting to lose patience. After all, is this a talk show or is Dad going to free him? He stamps his feet a couple of times and tries pulling away – but, again, those shorts are held fast. “Oh no!” says Dad, “Your underwear got stuck?” The kid is getting impatient now – after all, where is the fun in someone stating the obvious over and over again when all you want is to be free? (Clue: there isn’t any fun in that whatsoever).

“How long have you been stuck here?” asks Dad, still filming. The kid turns away to gaze at the horses. Look at them. They’re so beautiful and carefree and magnificent and not one of them is wearing underwear that can get stuck to stuff. Maybe he’d rather be a horse. At the very least, his horse Dad wouldn’t ask him dumb questions all the time. “Turn around” says Dad, breaking the kid out of his reverie, “Can you get it off?” Of course he can’t get it off, Dad, otherwise he wouldn’t still be standing there pulling on it and stamping his feet. Oh Dad. You really picked the *worst* time to try showing off your interviewing skills. The kid rocks there and back a few more times inspiring Dad to come up with yet another Captain Obvious comment. “Oh. You’re stuck,” he says. The little boy finally starts to moan, clearly just a few seconds away from bursting into angry tears – which is when Dad FINALLY gets the idea to help him. You took your time!

But wait! What’s that! A horse has come over and is sniffing around. I’m guessing that the horse is there to lend a hand – after all, Captain Obvious has proven literally and completely useless thus far. This prompts Dad into action – I guess he didn’t want to be upstaged by the horse – and Dad leans in and unhooks the fabric. It takes him all of three seconds – but he kept the kid waiting for almost a minute.

The little kid toddles off laughing and smiling. His ordeal is over. The horse will miss him.  He’ll miss the horse. But he is free now and that is all that counts. “Silly boy” says Dad. “Sillier Dad” says me, watching this video.

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