Top 5 Funniest Toddlers Show Off Their Talents

September 13, 2018

Toddlers are possibly the funniest humans because they aren’t scared to try anything.  They have zero concern about what anyone else thinks when they fall on their faces, tumble over, or crash and burn on the ground.  The top 5 funniest toddlers show off their talents in these videos, and they will make you LOL hard!

1.  Future Michael Jordan

There’s no doubt that being a star at hoops requires natural born talent.  You can only teach so many tactics when it comes to free throws and 3 pointers.  The stars are born with something more – an unexplainable natural ability to aim and shoot.  

This kid obviously has a huge future in the NBA!  Whether it’s from a table top, a high chair, or barely balancing on the stairs, this amazing athlete doesn’t miss a single shot.  And it’s all net, baby!  Somebody better keep their eye on this kid because he’s going to be a top recruit when he gets tall enough to play on a real basketball court!


2.  Strike Master

Listen, bowling is majorly hard and takes a ton of focus and technique to hit the pins and make a strike.  But sometimes, it’s not all about your score.  Even if you’re not exactly skilled at gracefully throwing the ball down the lane, you can still celebrate the small victories, right?

This kid is rocking his victory dance before the ball even hits a single pin.  I love his confidence!  He’s celebrating his win before it even happens, and that’s a sign of great sportsmanship.  Well done, kiddo!

3.  America’s Next Top Model

WATCH OUT, Tyra!  Your next shining star is right here, learning to work the fan at an early age.  This adorable tot has got the hair moves down and could shut out any contestant on America’s Next Top Model.  She’s got the gorgeous curly locks, and knows how to use them.

It’s not just her natural modeling ability that makes her a star…it’s her fierce work ethic that sets her apart from the rest of the sandbox.  She goes so hard with her hairography that she gets knocked over by sheer force.  Not once, but twice.  Does that stop her from hair flipping?  Nope!  This babe is going all the way in the modeling world!

4.  Doggy Door Gymnast

Okay, now this is REALLY impressive.  Who else, other than a toddler, can squeeze his limber little body through a cat door with ease and grace?  This kid nails the entire execution of the pet door dive not once, but twice!  Not even a cat can slither through the pet door as smoothly as this kid.  Watch out Cirque du Soleil, there’s a new acrobat on the block!

5.  Kung Fu Killa

Karate is a super intense and strategic sport that requires insane focus and years of practice.  Before you can ever compete with another karate kid, you have to study for hours and hours to understand the concepts and techniques of the ancient martial art.  

I’ll say these two warriors are well on their way to black belts, and their moms behind the camera couldn’t be more proud!

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