Tot Boy Vanishes When Tossed Into Leaf Pile

March 29, 2018

Fall is such a joyous season with so many things to do, see and feel. We all love that feeling when we walk through a park surrounded by beautiful red and golden trees while its leaves crack under our feet. But imagine how amazing it would be to dive into a leaf pile, filled with those gorgeous fall colors. Well, no need to imagine it anymore. This adorable tot boy will demonstrate with the help of his father.
Tot boy vanishes into a leaf pile and it is a sight to see!

He is having a blast, and so is his entire family. They are all enjoying a wonderful fall day in their backyard, and it couldn’t be more perfect. The entire moment becomes even more special when the adorable toddler sees his first leaf pile and he decides to dive into it. His reaction will melt your heart! His father takes him by his arms and gently throws him into the soft leaf pile. But as it turns out, the pile is a little deeper than he thought. The little boy vanishes into the pile and his father gets him out right away. But, the boy loved it and wants to dive back in. How amazing! Can you think of a better way to spend a beautiful fall afternoon?
Fall used to be called the “harvest” season.

The full moon closest to the fall equinox was called a “harvest moon” and it was essential for farmers harvesting their late-year crops. Most foods are harvested during this wonderful season, however pumpkins and apples are associated with fall the most. They are used to make the seasonal beverage apple cider. And of course, pumpkins are essential for a successful Halloween celebration we all love so much.

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