Tough Guy Toddlers Are Blown Away By Explosive Fireworks Show

June 12, 2018

Little boys always want to act fearless and pretend they’re braver than they are.  I know my little ones will say or do anything to prove to me that they’re not scared of anything.  They want to be big boys, and big boys aren’t afraid of things like scary movies, big dogs or loud noises.  One of my fondest memories of my little boy is when he heard thunder and saw lightning for the first time.  It doesn’t rain often where we live, so this phenomenon was entirely new to him.  First, he tried to brush off the loud, deep rumbles of the thunderstorm, which he managed to do and fool everyone.  But when he looked out the window and saw that giant lightning bolt strike like an evil wizard striking the earth, his brave mask came flying off and he burst into uncontrollable tears.  My poor little guy finally realized that we were all going to be okay and calmed down, but boy did he ever have the scare of his life!

These two hip little toddlers think they’re pretty tough too.  Fireworks?  Yeah mom, no big deal, of course we like them!  These crazy little dudes think they’ve got this in the bag.  One of them even mocks the other when mom behind the camera asks them if they like fireworks.  What could possibly be scary about fireworks?  They’re colorful, exciting and something everyone watches on the Fourth of July.  No big deal!  Maybe these tiny two spoke too soon.  As mom records behind the camera, the loud crackles of the fireworks begin to bang in the background and a series of flashing lights cascades over the sky.  Oh, how the little boys have changed their tune!  No one was ready for that alarming explosion.  Frozen and stunned, the little boys’ eyes grow as big as saucers and they witness the display that seems like the end of the world.  As if a spaceship had just landed on Earth right in front of them, they back up step by step, overwhelmed with what is unfolding in front of them.  These little guys had no idea what was about to hit them!

Let’s talk about how cool fireworks are for a second.  Firecrackers were first used by the Chinese to scare off mountain men.  By some accounts, firecrackers were also used to scare away evil spirits.  Today, China is still the largest manufacturer and exporter of fireworks in the world, producing about 90% of all fireworks.  The first recorded fireworks in England were at the wedding of King Henry VII in 1486.

Did you know that dreaming about fireworks means that you like to be the center of attention and like to show off to other people?  It can also symbolize enthusiasm and exhilaration.

But beware, fireworks are not fun for animals.  I can relate to this, as my poor little dog freaks out and hides under the couch every time someone sets off fireworks in the neighborhood.  Fourth of July is definitely my furry little friend’s least favorite holiday.

These tough little toddlers will be loving fireworks in no time, I’m certain of it!

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