Tourists Terrified When Bronze Cowboy Statue Springs To Life During Photo-Op

April 25, 2018

If you’ve ever been to a tourist destination, you know that street performers are pretty common. Living statues are equally common. Most of the time you can spot when someone is a living statue and not a real one. But, occasionally, one fools you. That’s what happened to these tourists. And I’ll admit, this guy’s statue costume is pretty darn great.

Living statues are a common form of busking. Performers create the illusion of standing or sitting in complete stillness. Then, they’ll surprise onlookers by springing to life! This particular busker has set up on a bench. It’s the perfect spot for tourists to come and sit beside him to take pictures. Little do they know that as soon as they sit down next to him he will come alive! His first victim jumps away screaming. His next two go in for a double kiss and go out yelling in panic. His fourth victim predicts the future, saying “Wouldn’t it be freaky if he stood up?” As if on cue, the living statue stands to greet her. Even so, she still cries out.

He goes through several more victims. One even tries to sit in his lap and quickly realizes that the statue is a real person. His last victim asks her friend if he could take her picture sitting on the statue’s lap. The statue signals to her friend to keep it secret that he is alive. The man doesn’t blow the statue’s cover as the lady sits on the statue’s knee in time for him to stand. She stumbles backward, terrified, before bursting out laughing. She’ll test the statue before she sits down next time. I know I’ll never trust another statue I see.

Have you ever gotten surprised by a living statue? Upload a video of it HERE.

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