Treadmill Fails So Cringeworthy You Will Never Do Cardio Again

January 1, 2019

If you’re looking for an excuse not to do cardio, look no further!  If you despise running on a moving belt that goes nowhere like a hamster on a wheel, watch these videos.  You won’t ever feel guilty about skipping a cardio day after you see these treadmill blunders!  Here are treadmill fails so cringeworthy you will never do cardio again!

If you watch one treadmill fail, watch this one!  Every single thing that could possibly go wrong on a treadmill does when this knucklehead tries to snowboard on a treadmill!

Words don’t describe how tragic this ultimate treadmill fail is.  It involves a snowboard and a knucklehead teen with no common sense.  Everything that can possibly fail does.  I mean EVERYTHING!  From losing his pants to face planting on the moving belt, this bonehead has really raised the bar for treadmill fails.  You won’t believe your eyes!

P.S.  I hope he wasn’t ever planning on riding that snowboard on the slopes again.  Yikes!


Hang on to your pants for this one!  Because this funny boy sure didn’t in this hilarious epic fail.

You won’t forget to pull the drawstring tight on your workout pants again after watching this treadmill fail!  The hilarious boy in the video has no idea what’s in store for him when he loses control of the sprinting treadmill.  Falling off a treadmill on camera is humiliating enough…losing your pants as you get flung off the back is mortifying!

Things go from bad to worse for this poor boy in this tragic slow-mo treadmill blunder!

Once you lose control on the treadmill, it’s all over.  With a moving belt sprinting at top speed underneath your feet, on little trip and you’re done for.  Human reflexes are no match for a treadmill roaring at top speed.  Luckily, we have this awesome slow-mo video of this poor kid’s treadmill catastrophe to share with you.  Ouch!

In case you aren’t cringing yet from those painful face plants, here are a few more treadmill fails that will make your jaw drop!

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