Treadmill Pulls Down Boy’s Pants In Mortifying Video

February 1, 2018

There are a ton of reasons why middle school is a difficult time for adolescents. Between puberty, braces, and acne, there’s a lot of room for embarrassment. Tweens are so easily mortified and it’s clear why. One of the things that doesn’t help that? Gym class. This time of day is notoriously hated by tweens everywhere. I know that I always found PE class to be a breeding ground for embarrassment! But I never went through anything nearly as bad as this one young guy.
Gym class is the LAST place you want to lose your pants! I couldn’t believe the embarrassment this young kid endured…

Things started out fine when this boy hopped on the treadmill to get some cardio in. But the faster he ran, the more his oversized sweatpants started to slip. The pants sagged further and further until… combined with the speed of the treadmill the boy faceplanted and went flying off the machine!

The worst part? As the kid went soaring off of the machine, his pants went soaring off of his body! Yikes, I would NOT want that happening in front of my entire gym class. Even though the boy appeared physically unscathed after falling off the machine, his ego definitely suffered a few bruises.
This is exactly why I don’t do cardio…

I hope that next time this kid attempts to get in some serious cardio on the treadmill, he wears more secure pants! Whenever you see someone hop onto a treadmill, you know you’re either in for some serious skills, or a major fail. Lets keep our fingers crossed that the next time we see this guy attempt a treadmill stunt, our jaws drop in amazement instead of laughter.

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