Trusty Guard Dog Ferociously Attacks Birthday Balloons

June 13, 2018

Could this be an example of mistaken identity? Is it possible that this dog is mistaking those balloons for a rapid raccoon? Or something that would perhaps endanger the family he loves so much? The only reason I ask is because this dog is having a disproportionately strong reaction to those balloons, I mean, he really hates them. So much so, that he wants to fight them to the death. The only thing is, needless to say, the balloons pose no danger to anyone in the world! Maybe I should be more generous, maybe the dog knows that balloons can be a choking hazard for children, and with a toddler in the other room, he wanted to take care of it right then and there! What can I say, some bull terriers are just really paranoid!

Do you have a guard dog at home that sometimes takes his wrath out on random inanimate objects? Sometimes they’re like that. Guard dogs are bred to be so loyal, but in most situations their owner is rarely threatened or endangered. So these dogs have a lot of excess fighting cravings that go unfulfilled. Except for the occasional full blown assault on some blue balloons.

I wonder what this dog hates so much about those balloons? Ironically, I wonder if he hates the noise they make when he pops them. Maybe it’s the way they kind of bounce and float around the kitchen. It’s easy to think balloons are possessed sometimes. Because they can move seemingly on their own (though we all know they move because of light air flows that push them around). Once the air conditioning turns on, then a balloon might float over to the other side of the room away from the A/C vent. But I imagine, to a guard dog, that’s the most menacing journey of all. Maybe that happened here. Maybe the balloons kept bouncing around the kitchen under the hidden force of the air conditioning and this dog just got too weirded out to let it go.

Hopefully whose ever balloons those were doesn’t mind that they’ve all been popped. I guess that’s how it works with balloons, they’re fun and cheerful for the first day or so. But then the excitement fades, and once the thrill is gone, you might as well just pop them all. Popping them is the least fun part because of the loud noise. Unless they have helium in them. Playing with helium balloons just never gets old. Sucking out the helium in a balloon and changing my voice is probably my favorite game in the world. If given the chance, I would probably do it everyday. Maybe that’s what this dog was hoping for! A couple sips of helium air to make his bark more high pitched!

Do you have a video of your trusty guard dog getting angry at something… rather innocent? Or innocuous? If so, send it to us HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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