Tuckered-Out Hockey Tyke Only Wakes Up To Cheer And Clap

May 17, 2018

Some of our favorite memories with our parents involve going to ball games to see major league teams play. Some kids really get into the games and are excited to see their favorite athletes play. However, many games take place after the work day and definitely run past kids’ bedtimes. So even though it is loud and exciting in the stadium, a kid might fall asleep during the game, like the tuckered-out tot in this video.

At the time of this writing the NHL playoffs are in full swing with the top four teams vying for their spot in the Stanley Cup Finals. Did you know that the last time an NHL team from Canada won a Stanley Cup final was in 1993! Also, the last time a Canadian team was even in the finals was in 2010 when the Vancouver Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins. I still say the refs totally took the Canucks out of that one when they didn’t suspend the Bruins goalie for that gross sticking violation. But this isn’t the place to get into that.

The adorable tyke in this video is a Vancouver Canucks fan, as you can see by his tiny jersey. However, he is out for the count. Except when the home team starts cheering. Then he wakes up and claps until he thinks the cheer is over. We love how quickly he goes back to sleep once he is done clapping. I wonder how many times he did this routine while the game went on around him. We hope to catch something as adorable when we take our kids to their first ball games!

Do you have funny videos of kids at sporting events or playing sports? Share with us. Upload HERE. But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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