Turtle Versus Toy Truck: Who To Bet Your Money On

August 10, 2018

Who said turtles are the slowest creatures on the planet?  Turtle racing is actually a thing, and has been a wildly popular form of entertainment for the past 100 years.  Racing toy cars is also really fun and a past time that isn’t just for kids anymore.  Using just a remote control, a person of any age can wiz a toy truck around in circles for hours.  So why not put your pet turtle up against your favorite remote control toy car for a little dual of speed?  It’s going to be a close race, and here’s why:


 1.  Going in circles

Traditionally, when turtle racing began in The Bahamas in the early 20th Century, two turtles were placed in the center of a large circle drawn on dry land.  The human players would watch the two turtles walk around in circles and whichever one crossed out of the big circle first was the winner.  This strategy has proven to be easy to referee and a simple way to determine which turtle is the winner.

Remote controlled toy cars just as easily maneuver in circles as they do driving straight forward and in reverse.  Using the joystick on the remote control, a child of any age can easily drive their motorized monster truck around and around in the designated racing circle.  Now, the toy truck may have the advantage here if its driver develops a tactical strategy by using the speed and maneuvering options available on the joystick.  Making sharp turns, pushing the pedal to the metal and then braking, and alternating speeds may confuse the turtle and slow him down in his tracks.

2.  Racing for the finish line

Another popular version of turtle racing is to line them up on a start line and cheer them on as they waddle down a linear path to cross the finish line.  Because this version of turtle racing is more engaging and easier for a big crowd to watch, this type has become super popular at venues like Brennan’s in West Los Angeles.  Betting on your turtle in a race for the finish line is more fun when done in this fashion because there’s plenty of space to cheer on your little racer and to hackle your friend whose turtle is put-put-putting behind.  

It’s debatable whether toy trucks are more efficient when speeding around in circles or zooming forward in a straight line.  Again, it depends on who is behind the wheel.  A turtle vs. toy truck race is really a turtle vs. toy truck driver race.  If the toy truck operator has mad skills with the joystick, then he has the advantage over the pet turtle.  But get a rookie behind the wheel, and watch out!  Your pet turtle will most likely cross that finish line first and leave him in the dust.


Turtles have clocked in at whopping speeds of up to 12 inches per 30 seconds!  Their speed will vary depending on if they’re racing in a circle of a straight line.  

Here’s an insider tip:  The size of your pet turtle doesn’t necessarily determine how fast he will “run.”  In fact, some pro turtle racers have been shocked to witness how fast tiny turtles can boogie down the race track.

This is not necessarily true for toy trucks.  The size of a toy truck directly impacts how fast it can go.  Typical trucks like the one we see here can hit speeds up to 14 mph.  If the dude behind the wheel knows what he’s doing, then there’s a very good chance that he will beat the turtle in the race.  

While the turtle may be the underdog when racing a toy truck, he still has a fighting chance to win the race.  Depending on what version of the race they’re playing, who is behind the wheel of the toy truck, and how fast the toy truck is designed to go, you can probably make a good guess about who will be victorious.  

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