Twerking Teens Totally Eating It On The Dance Floor

November 30, 2018

If you’re ready to laugh hard at teens dorking out on the dance floor, then this video is for you!  From hip-hop to country line dancing, these teens go over the top and shake it just a little too hard.  Check out these twerking teens totally eating it on the dance floor for a good laugh!

Twerking in socks on a slippery floor only means one thing – your butt is going to be REALLY sore the next day!

Sliding around on the floor in socks is fun when you’re just messing around with your friends.  But when you get carried away doing the Funky Chicken on a slippery floor, you will end up crashing down hard!  Check out these teens who twerk a little too hard and wipe out on camera.   Teens are so funny!

Chairs are meant for you to sit on, not to twerk on!

These videos go to show that chairs will not hold you up when you’re shaking it hard with your friends!  Check out these crazy teens who crash and burn when they are standing on chairs twerking for the camera.  From classroom desks to dining room chairs, watch endless amounts of teenagers collapse on the ground as they shake their butts to the music.  Teens will just never learn!

Some teens don’t realize just how long their limbs are!  Make sure you have plenty of room when you’re practicing your backflips outside with your friends.  The crazy teens in this video cartwheel right into their friends and hit them in the face hard.  Ouch! 

From cheer practice to tumbling outside, check out these funny teens who crash into each other and eat it hard.  It’s not all fun and games when your bestie ends up with a bloody nose and a black eye.  Teens are so crazy!

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